In-Home Care Vs. Assisted Living

In-Home Care Vs. Assisted Living

Benefits of In-Home Care Vs. Assisted Living Facilities

Your loved one means the world to you, and you’ve done everything you can to help her maintain the high quality of life that she’s accustomed to. But you can only do so much while still attending to the necessities of your own daily life. You’ve struggled over the decision to place her in an assisted living facility, but it feels like giving up, and that doesn’t sit well with you.

At Avalon Home Care in San Diego, we understand. Managing the needs of an elder can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re pulled in the opposite direction by the needs of your children, spouse, work life, and your own health and wellbeing.

Senior home care, also called aging in place or in-home care, can provide you with the peace of mind that you may not experience with an assisted living facility. Take a look at the following benefits of in-home care versus assisted living facilities.

In-Home Care VS. Assisted Living


According to research by the AARP, 90% of Americans over the age of 65 want to stay in their own homes as they age. And 82% of those surveyed would want to stay home even if they need day-to-day assistance or ongoing healthcare. Participants expressed living by their own rules as a key reason for wanting to stay in their own homes. For many elderly, moving to assisted living facilities means a loss of independence. In-home care allows your loved one to maintain their independence while still receiving the care needed to live a safe and healthy life.

Personal, customized care

Did you know that in the State of California, there are no staff-to-resident ratio requirements in residential and assisted living facilities? Facility administrators can determine their own staff requirements. At night, facilities with 15 or less residents require only one qualified person on site, and facilities with 16 to 100 residents require only one person awake and another on call. Unfortunately, those numbers don’t provide much assurance that each individual is being well taken care of. With in-home care, you know your loved one is receiving personalized, one-on-one care.

Familiarity and comfort

Consider your life today: your morning routine, your favorite chair, and the view out your bedroom window. As we age, the familiarity of our surroundings and the predictability of our daily routines provide a deep source of comfort. A move to an assisted living facility takes all that away and requires adjustment that disrupts our sense of security and continuity. Aging in place provides a level of comfort your loved one will only find at home in familiar surroundings.

Memory retention

Researchers have coined the term “transfer trauma” to refer to the deterioration of health and cognitive status that may result when an older person is moved from their home. Limitations in their short-term memory can disrupt their ability to cope with the change, and the move erodes comfort and confidence, causing fear and anxiety. The resulting high stress level causes the brain to lose cells and have trouble forming new neurons. This creates even more problems with cognitive thinking and memory retention. When your loved one receives in-home care, the additional stress of a move is eliminated, and this can significantly slow cognitive deterioration.

Peace of mind

Senior home care allows your loved one to maintain independence and receive personalized care in comfortable and familiar surroundings. It also helps to eliminate the depression, stress, and anxiety caused by a move away from home. Instead, it helps maintain a sense of continuity, security, and mental wellbeing. Not only will in-home care provide your loved one with peace of mind, but it’ll also do the same for you.

We’re here for you.

If you’re looking for home health care in San Diego, you’ve come to the right place. At Avalon Home Care, we want to help your loved one live a full, independent, and dignified life in the comfort of the familiar home environment. Our team tailors senior care plans to fit the needs of each individual with hourly, overnight, or around-the-clock services. Whether you’re looking for daily assistance, dementia care, paraplegic/quadriplegic care, hospice care, or any range of in-home care, we’re here for you. Our caregivers are trained, bonded, insured, screened, and deeply compassionate, so you know that your loved one is getting the quality care she deserves.

Give us a call for a free, no-obligation assessment.

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